Shaken Not Stirred

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Can You Count?

Maybe today was an off day for me. I had a particularly stressful day at work. So this probably didn't help. But working out certainly did things for my stress levels. After working out, I headed to Kroger for a few items and as I had less than 10 items got into the 15 or less item line. The lady in front of my was holding one thing. The customer in front of her had a cart. The cart had enough groceries for a week. I was a little annoyed. Why does a grocery store put up a sign that says "15 items or less" if they aren't going to enforce this. I can understand letting 16 items fly under the radar. I can even understand 20. But are you kidding me with an entire grocery cart full of things--both top cart and the shelf underneath. The clerk looked uncomfortably back and the customer in front of me and smiled. I don't normally let little things get to me, but when I got up to the clerk I asked "why do you have a line for 15 items or less if you aren't going to enforce it"? It would just be better not to have it at all.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Long Long Winter

It has been such a long winter and many sad things happened last month. And I should have come here to write about them. I know that talking about it gets it out--or at least allows some closure. It may also help people to face the situations. But I did not write about it, nor did I talk about it. I just shut down and closed myself off. I'm alright. My relatives however have been going through some rough patches. Two different families have suffered losses. Some friends have asked out of concern or maybe curiosity how we are holding up. I say fine. And some days it is true, Other days I see one or more uncles, aunts, cousins with such sadness my heart and soul break. Prayer has helped. It has helped me to cope with the overwhelming sadness. No matter what people say, I always find hope and light in prayer. Is it the rhythmic pattern of saying these prayers over and over (as in the repetition of the Hail Mary on a rosary). Some might say so. However, I believe it is my connection to God and my faith that He will get us through this. So perhaps I am explaining my absence or justifying why I've broken my promise to write more consistently. I am back and I will keep this blog up to date.