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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Commit a Random Act of Kindness

My really good friend sent me a quote out of Victor Hugo's:

"Since it is given to no one whatsoever to escape the dream, let us accept it. Only let us try to have the right one. Men hate, are brutes, fight, lie; leave their dream unto the shadows. But share you your bread with little children, see that no one goes about you with naked feet, look kindly upon mothers nursing their children on the doorsteps of humble cottages, walk through the world without malevolence, do not knowingly crush the humblest flower, respect the needs of birds, bow to the purple from afar and to the poor at close range. Rise to labor, go to rest with prayer, go to sleep in the unknown, having for your pillow the infinite; love, believe, hope, live; be like him who has a watering pot in his hand, only let your watering pot be filled with good deeds and good words; never be discouraged, be magi and be father, and if you have lands cultivate them, and if you have sons rear them, and if enemies bless them - and with that sweet and unobtrusive authority that comes to the soul in patient expectation of the eternal dawn."

Nice isn't it? Every beauty contestant, politician, minister, priest, rabbi, and churchgoer on bended knee all agree that we should live in peace. Maybe one of the reasons that we don't, is that we forgot our dreams or even ignore them. We wake up struggling only to survive for ourselves, neglecting another's pursuit of survival.
I have watched Les Miserables the musical several times, each time walking away with a new message. The first time I watched it, I was dizzy trying to keep up with the story line. My cousin and roommate Sue had the soundtrack and listened to it frequently and so in time I learned the music. The second time I saw Les Miserables I was able to grasp the message--simple but strong. Random acts of kindness, no matter how desolate the surroundings, will endure. Kindness survives, not the acts of strength or power. The characters who had the purest of heart, survived. The main character who lived his life in utter kindness was represented as the strongest of all. And his "kindness" lived on.

Show some kindness today, even if it's just your smile!


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