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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Yoga, Tae Bo, Pilates

I need to get back into shape. After weeks of sitting in a classroom from 8 till 5, my body has shown the effects. Plus I came off the Atkins diet--consisting mainly of caveman food--and started eating carbs again. Mostly because it was easier and gosh darn I just craved them again. So this intense carb hunger and the sedimentary lifestyle of someone studying for the medical boards has now created a pocket of bulge around my waistline. It isn't appealing. Because I'm vertically challenged, the extra weight makes me look like an Umpa-Lumpa cast reject. I've decided that today will be my last day of eating poorly and laziness.
Over the year I've collected different exercise DVD's--anywhere from Tae Bo (because it's more macho to kick and punch) to Pilates (because if you do a mental work-out while exercising--my USMLE scores will reflect the strength of my mind). All of them I've done for at least a week till I exhausted of hearing the Tae Bo coach scream out "just one more set of kicks"-at which point I wanted to kick my foot thru the screen to the Yoga coach say "just bend really easy this way...see your body should be relaxed and your mind should be flowing with energy"--my mind was screaming "as a medical student you know the muscles aren't suppose to contort this way" while my body was screaming "get your testicles away from your sternum". And now because my pants are screaming "let out the button", I must go back to one of these exercise routines.
I've already decided that I'm not going back to Atkins. Way too much protein for me and it made me tired during my study period. I was thinking of fat free. One of my Kaplan classmates said he maintained his weight that way. I'm also going to eat more vegetables. That should help with the cleansing out my system.
I chronicle my eating habits and exercise habits. If it works, maybe I can come up with a video of my own.


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