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Friday, May 07, 2004

The End of an Era

Yesterday was the series finale of "Friends". This show took me thru my undergrad biology degree and then thru medical school. I'm really going to miss this show. And yes, as predictable as the ending was, they could not leave Ross and Rachel apart.

We all have a group of friends in our lives that mimic the ficitional characters of this famed television series. This is the reason that so many people tuned into the show. We all know someone as geeky as Ross (well most engineering, medical, and computer science related people do). I mean Ross as annoying as he can be, is annoying cause it touches a heart string close to home. Most of our circle of friends includes a Ross. We also have a Monica, that bossy person who needs to organize even the simplest get-togethers. Then there is Chandler--who doesn't have a friend that makes a joke out of the most morbid situations? Most of us want a friend like Phoebe--she usually lived down the hall in the dorms and wore flowy skirts and crystals. And of course a girl like Rachel--that independent chick who you never thought would live independently. Finally Joey, there is one in every bunch (male or female).
Friends made us think of the friends we had, the ones we have and even the ones we are going to make. Katie Couric read a little quote from the NBC "pitch", which I think completely summed up the gist of Friends. I can't really remember it, but it was something about people trying to make it thru life with the help of their new found family--their friends. The concept is right. For most of us, our families will always stand behind us 100%. However, there are certain issues which we can get thru only with the help of our friends. They are the people we turn to whenever our family is unavailable to us. The point of this all is friends are priceless. Friends didn't end with the closing of a story-line. They are the on-going re-runs and late night shows that will be the last thing we see at night and the first thing on in the morning.


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