Shaken Not Stirred

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Friends Don't Let Friends Study and Drive

I'm slowly breaking my scheduled routine of study. For the last six weeks my ass has been in a chair listening to a lecture from 8am to 5pm daily (including Sundays--but not Saturday as most of our lecturers keep holy the Sabbath). After the lectures, my roommate and a few of our friends would gather in a study room and do a block of USMLE style questions--timed of course and then we would have an open discussion about the answers. Very productive six weeks. The course has now ended and now I'm home. What is it about being in your childhood environment that suddenly makes you regress or become lazy again? Is there something magical potion in the air that makes you feel protected or dissociated from the real world?

My friend and I have discussed numerous occasions in which we both feel that being at home isn't ideal for a medical graduate studying for their boards. It isn't. I know that my parents are trying to help out. My father knows the drill---he is a physician and had to study for these boards too. He does give me my space. My mother of course tries to be overbearingly helpful. She is constantly telling me to eat--"you are studying, you need food for your brain". Thank you for the concern, but deep fried egg rolls isn't exactly fuel for the cerebral hemispheres. I'm not blaming anyone for my lack of motivation--that comes from deep within. I do think however, a trance is placed on ones childhood bedroom that makes one too comfortable.

What this all boils down to is me. I'm at fault here. I just need to find that motivating factor to start studying again. I've been back for only a few days. In that few days, my study hours have dwindled. I'm doing less questions daily. It's pathetic. I will find it though.

I just need to find that rhythm again.