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Monday, December 05, 2005

That's What I Like About You....

One of my friends posted one of those crazy surverys that asked questions about things which really don't teach us anything about the person filling them out. It was much like the one that I posted after getting tagged by the Duck.

She stated that she liked smelling her boyfriend's armpits. I was taken aback a little. But then I realized that many of my friends admitted there was something other than their loved one's smiles, eyes, breasts, ass or other physical features that they liked.

When asked, I tell people that I am attracted a girl's smile and her eyes. It's an acceptable way to say, she has to be attractive. I say this answer when in the presence of the opposite sex. In the locker room, I say that I like cleavage--much like the cleavage of Jennifer Aniston.

I tried to think of something bizarre that I liked. And I thought of it... I like shape of a woman's clavicles. I like the way they look under a silk teddy, or the shape they put to a spagetti stap on a slightly revealing evening gown. Something about bulging clavicles is quite a turn on. Maybe not as scary as the whiff of "pit" scent, but not something ordinary either.

What are some of your turn-ons?


  • i would have to say... in the physical term, i like a guy with a small pot belly... i find it adorable... but one of the biggest turn-on would have to be the roundness of a perfectly sculpted... ASS!!!

    By Blogger totolehero, at 9:39 AM  

  • Sense of humor!!! Most impt! And smile:-)

    By Anonymous Babette, at 10:03 AM  

  • Good gravy, Angel, the list is potentially endless...

    In this order:

    1) gorgeous tits
    2) married women
    3) rich, stuck up, daddy's girl bitches <---- i LOVE these
    4) a modicum of intelligence
    5) fashion sense
    6) a hot, texas accent

    Okay, I'll stop there. Good call on the clavicles, btw, I never really gave them much thought.

    By Blogger Vince, at 11:26 AM  

  • Well I had to look up "clavicle" (seriously, what's wrong with the word "collarbone?") and I agree that's pretty hot sometimes. My favorite feature of my girlfriend - and it's honestly not weird at all - is her stomach. I don't know why, it's not especially toned or anything, I just like it. I would be sad if she ever got rid of it. Plus she's probably die, because I don't know many people who could live without a stomach. But more importantly than her being dead, she wouldn't look as hot.

    By Blogger Dirk the Feeble, at 12:58 PM  

  • ok, for us non-med students..hehe..what the heck is a bulging clavicle??

    turn ons? yes, cute butt is one of them...also muscle in the arms, broad shoulders- oh yeah, gotta be tall too! :)

    but B.O.??

    By Blogger vani, at 1:27 PM  

  • He's a doctor-in-training, of course he'll say clavicle. :)

    Hmm, good question angel... no comment.

    By Blogger Luke, at 1:55 PM  

  • Hmmmm...this is a good one angel.

    My picks:
    Backs. No hair and toned. Sigh.
    Hands. I love nice, long fingers and soft hands.

    and, of course, sense of humor is #1.

    I think your friend liked to smell her b-friend's armpit b/c that's where all those yummy pheromones are camping out.

    and, yes, collarbones *are* sexy.

    By Blogger Anhoni Patel, at 1:56 PM  

  • fingers, definitely fingers, long and thin, like pianist's fingers. i go crazy over nice fingers :)

    By Blogger Chloe, at 3:18 PM  

  • I am going to be totally lame and just say the obvious, Mrs. Shife.

    By Blogger mrshife, at 4:12 PM  

  • You have a friend who likes to sniff her boyfriend's arm pitts? I just threw up in my mouth! lol

    By Blogger Ruben, at 4:13 PM  

  • mrshife.. you're just saying that cuz you had a good time last night... hehehe

    By Blogger totolehero, at 4:25 PM  

  • Okay..your friend is just gross.

    By Blogger Lindsey, at 4:46 PM  

  • Oh what a fun topic.

    I love really tall guys, particularly if they are super skinny; guys who wear glasses, and a high degree of intellect. First and foremost is the ability to crack my ass up. I have to be able to laugh, though the rest of my quirky appeals make it sound like I like geeks. Ha.

    Oh yeah, and the less hair, the better. *shiver*

    I always liked my clavicle, too. And here I thought for sure I was the only person on this planet who noticed clavicles.

    By Blogger ***Double_Oh_No***, at 11:59 PM  

  • titties like shelly Debinsky's (from animal house). best hooters ever.

    By Blogger coloradohurricane, at 1:34 AM  

  • Clavicle, huh? What you have x-ray vision? How do you see bones through skin? And why couldn’t you call it a collarbone in the first place? Making me look things up... I tell ya (mutter mutter grumble mutter). You coulda jus’ said you like the shape of a woman’s shoulder, ya know… (grumble grumble mutter)

    I am not a breast or leg man, but an all-over man. How does the whole figure go together? Looking at form, I find the curve of a woman’s neck and the shape of her back appealing. Some women have a perfect triangle from the spread of their shoulders to the middle of her lower back. I love that. Praise the Lord for tank tops!

    By Blogger blackcrag, at 2:39 AM  

  • I like-

    1. broad shoulders
    2. tanned skin
    3. fresh smelling breath
    4. teeth
    5. wicked smile

    **optional: aussie accent ;-)

    By Blogger missy, at 2:47 AM  

  • 1. smelling armpits; that is retarded!

    2. clavicles; had to look it up (yes, I am well educated woman, but you are the docotor in the house)

    3. eyes eyes eyes. intelligence intelligence intelligence.

    By Blogger Cathy, at 8:41 AM  

  • You know angel...I am not sure! The more I think about it, the more I am going to have to pass on commenting on this post (lmao)

    Interesting post though. You always keep me thinking!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 AM  

  • Whiff of armpits? That's actually a hormonal/pheromones thing.

    Clavicle? I think I can see where you're getting at.

    I also like the shape of a woman's shoulders.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at 12:46 PM  

  • I like veins in guys’ arms. The one's that slightly bulge when their arms are tone… yummy…

    By Blogger ocg, at 1:03 PM  

  • i can't really say what i like most about them, but doe eyes on a woman really turn ME on.

    Sexually...Well...I think i will pass on that. It objectifies women too much, and although i have faves, i will let them stay in the locker room!

    By Blogger twolf1920, at 1:26 PM  

  • Tall women with long black hair is an absolute turn on. Preferably with small breasts and a bit dusky ! - thats all i need !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  

  • Nice calves, how they smell, how they bite their lower lip.

    By Blogger Chairborne Stranger, at 5:48 PM  

  • I guess it would have to be nipples. I once went out on a date and as the evening progressed, I found out that the girl had hairy nipples. I have since been extremely careful before sticking an unknown nipple in my mouth.

    By Blogger :P fuzzbox, at 7:07 PM  

  • Neckline. Definitely the neckline.

    By Blogger Walter, at 11:10 PM  

  • haha.. fun topic. let's see:

    1. sense of humor. guys with sense of humor are already gorgeous. at least for me.
    2. nice eyes. the person who said that the eyes are the windows of the soul is not mistaken.
    3. long fingers. it's the second thing i'll look in a guy (after the face of course).
    4. more than three inches taller than me. i'm only 5 feet flat. ack.
    5. nice smell. even w/o perfume, i like the natural scent of a guy.
    6. nice teeth. i love guys who smile a lot. they look more approachable. ;p
    7. intelligence.

    ;p have a nice day!

    By Blogger aiRah, at 1:03 AM  

  • hhhmmm. well unlike most of the other comments, I am in to the smell of armpits... if they don't smell bad.

    but the part of a man I find most sexy is the nape of the neck, the little hollow below the throat - I love kissing it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:49 AM  

  • hhhmmm. well unlike most of the other comments, I am in to the smell of armpits... if they don't smell bad.

    but the part of a man I find most sexy is the nape of the neck, the little hollow below the throat - I love kissing it.

    oops, the anonymous comment was me! mistake! sorry, angel.

    By Blogger ziggystardust73, at 6:50 AM  

  • unbitten nails to start...

    By Blogger cher, at 4:58 PM  

  • A drivers license that proves they are older than 18. Now THAT is sexy!

    Actually as I have grown older I find my taste in women has changed. I frequently find my fantasies running the gamut of:

    1. Women who will mow the lawn
    2. Women who will paint a house
    3. Women who can bait a hook and clean fish
    4. Women who can rebuild a carburateor on a 64 MG (YES TWIN CARBS!)
    5. Women who live to do laundry and dishes.

    Those are my fantasies... ;-)

    By Blogger Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle, at 10:38 PM  

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