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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Shock Heard Round The World

I'm pretty sick of hearing about one idol contestant's ousting from the show. I mean lets face it, at this point in the contest, any one of them getting booted would be quite shocking for any fan left watching the show. When you are part of the top five, an elimination would be hard to take.

From Wednesday night onward, we have been bombarded with clips and news stories of the ousting. Everyone keeps saying it's gotta be a mistake, they should do a recount. How could this happen? Some people claimed that they heard other contestants voices thanking the caller for their vote. Another caller said they could not get thru.

Let's see, here's how I think it happened. First off, maybe the singer had only enough fans to get them to that certain position in the ranks, the other remaining ones had more fans who called.

As for callers hearing other singer's thank yous, are you sure you dialed the right number? Sometimes in frantic redialing, fingers slip and those numbers are so close together that the mistake might have happened. Or, if you are hearing other voices, it might be a delusional problem. Finally, if you couldn't get thru, that means other people were voting for your favored singer, so there were some votes, just not enough.

You shouldn't feel sorry for these ousted singers. Many of them already have recording offers, quite lucrative ones. Many of the ousted singers have done better than the picked idols.

As far as shocking goes, I am no longer shocked by reality television. I'm just shocked the networks are coming up with new reality shows which are ridiculous--"Unanimous".


  • I think Fuel pretty much offered Chris a job as well as you know that Clive Davis will pick him up. Reality TV at my house is MythBusters or HGTV or Cash in the Attic....(I must be getting old).

    By Blogger zippyjake, at 4:04 PM  

  • Here's my quesiton, Angel:

    Why is this news? Seriously, WHY? National news that a guy may have wrongly goten kicked off a show that will pretty much yield you a recording contract anyway? I'm sorry, but I am just tired of seeing Simon Cowell on CNN every time I look up at the gym. Since when is entertainment news? Oh, wait....

    By Blogger White Dade, at 5:19 PM  

  • Unanimius is *totally* ridiculous.

    What is this controvery you're talking about Angel? This is news to me!

    By Blogger Anhoni Patel, at 5:52 PM  

  • I hate reality tv so much that I've stopped watching TV. Well, except for my soap opera, which these days seems to be more real than reality tv... heh.

    By Blogger LostInTX, at 6:36 PM  

  • He has already been offered a gig with Fuel. That would be better than having to do one of those lousy American Idol albums anyway.

    By Blogger :P fuzzbox, at 7:32 PM  

  • I'm not shocked either, but that's because I don't care who wins.

    I am personally disenchanted with "reality" television. Television is supposed to be about entertainment, allowing us to see things we hadn't seen before. Not make us all into casual voyeurs.

    I suspect that I am in the minority on this subject, judging from what is currently en vogue.

    By Blogger Grant, at 11:19 PM  

  • I don't see how he can be the lead singer for Fuel, as he sold his soul to the American Idol production company. The contract he signed is really a hair short of slavery.

    He's going to have to get a very good lawyer to get out of it.

    People are turning to celeb news more often, probably as a way to escape. There's so much crap going on right now in the world, I think people are self-medicating with these semi-reality based TV shows.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at 11:33 PM  

  • chris was good but like someone said, kind of a one trick pony. i've seen the commercials for unanimous and it looks ridiculous

    By Blogger joey♥, at 11:41 PM  

  • What is this about? :-)

    By Blogger missy, at 5:26 AM  

  • I have not watched 'Unanimous', because it looked like the dumbest show ever. EVER.

    I also don't watch American Idol anymore, other than the first few episodes, just to see people make fools of themselves trying out.

    By Blogger the_mrs, at 9:37 AM  

  • I unfortunately don't watch that show, so my official comment is "yeah, whatever they said."

    By Blogger Walter, at 10:00 AM  

  • Shock? You know what's really shocking? Shockrete. It's like concrete, but they put titanium fibers into it to make it much stronger. That's an industry term.

    By Blogger Gyrobo, at 11:13 AM  

  • i have never seen this show
    but these reality shows have
    no charm for me.

    By Blogger Maddy, at 12:01 PM  

  • Personally, I haven't watched a reality TV show for about 3 years, and I honestly don't think I've missed anything.

    By Blogger Ben Heller, at 12:29 PM  

  • I agree...the elimination of Chris last week, seemed to be TOO big of a deal. I dont, however, feel a bit sorry for him. He has already been offered a position as the front man for the band Fuel.

    By Blogger Princess Pessimism, at 1:02 PM  

  • American Idol is still on? Weak.

    By Blogger Dirk the Feeble, at 1:50 PM  

  • Chris was robbed,but in the
    long run if he plays his
    cards right he'll be a success.
    Stop by for a visit.

    By Blogger michele, at 4:54 PM  

  • See you around so I thought I would stop by! :)

    I no longer watch American Idol. But it feels like I do since I know whats going on, thanks to the news headlines.

    By Blogger Mimi, at 10:17 PM  

  • Congratulations, Angel! With this post, you're my inspirational blogger this week! :)

    By Blogger Sar, at 12:46 AM  

  • I stopped watching "Idol" after the William Hung high. That was classic. A real winner!

    By Anonymous Babette, at 12:52 AM  

  • Down with reality television!

    By Blogger Christopher, at 8:49 AM  

  • I though the girl should have gone home instead of him and I was shocked that ti wasn't the case, but since I didn't vote then I guess I don't get to complain. I still watch it, though I had picked Mendisa to win. *Sigh* I've ben sucked into watching american idol and am now addicted to it. I wonder if there is a therapy group for this?

    By Blogger Etchen, at 10:01 AM  

  • You can't rag on Chris. I love him and was DEVASTATED. I thought for sure that he'd win. :o(

    By Blogger Lindsey, at 11:34 AM  

  • I don't watch the show, but I've heard some talk about it on the radio. My theory is that people thought that he was a lock, so didn't bother to even call in.

    By Blogger slopmaster, at 12:14 PM  

  • I actually watched some of American Idol last night (no more b-ball on Tuesdays) - I wasn't impressed by any of them.

    By Blogger Big Ben, at 5:18 PM  

  • I have not seen the show and I could really care less. I have never enjoyed these reality shows. I find it insulting that for hours upon hours of endless filming we only see 42 minutes a week. How is that reality?

    By Blogger No one asked us, at 6:25 PM  

  • I could not agree more. It is a game show... who really cares that much??

    Well lots of people I guess... but still not cool.


    By Blogger Scott, at 11:28 PM  

  • I haven't been watching, but my sister is totally hooked! I really don't like reality TV.

    By Blogger Lucy Stern, at 1:30 AM  

  • Angel I havent gotten into the whole idol hysteria....

    But I think it's pretty entertaining to watch others get so emotional about people who will get record deals someway somehow.



    By Blogger Cari, at 8:34 AM  

  • Unanimous.....i'm almost ashamed to say i watched that very first show, but never again! LOL!


    By Blogger mollymcmommy, at 9:31 AM  

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