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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Technology Passes Me By

In the ever pursuit of a better connection for chatting, I asked one of my favorite blog writers Mondeep about Yahoo Messenger connections. I was told that good connections had to do with proper firewall configurations. Since she is an engineer, I consulted her about my fading in/out while chatting. She told me do something with the proxies and the firewall and such. I did. Let's hope it works. I trust her. Her advice about skipping CD's worked wonders on an almost trashable favorite album.

Now I prepare to go to Baltimore. My Godson, Anthony (the first male of my five Godchildren), will do his school birthday party. I'm in charge of goody bags. His father is stationed in Iraq (say a silent prayer for all of our soldiers). So I'm there to lend some moral support and also to try and win whatever is in the pinata! I'll just think about the upcoming USMLE exams while I swing. This should break that thing in half! I'll just imagine a multiple matching about obstetrics in front of me). But the party should be fun. Lots of ice cream, fruit roll-ups and ring-pops (those candy pops which look like the jewelry of Richie Rich's mom).

I'll let you know how pin-the-tail on the donkey goes tomorrow.


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