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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Whatever Comes to Mind

I usually have a lot to say, except for when I purposely want to say something important. What I mean is, when I'm engaged in a conversation with someone, my thoughts, perceptions and opinions usually form after that person has left. Last night while falling asleep, I had the perfect topic to write about today. Where is that topic? It seeped out during slumber and quickly faded by the time my feet shuffled to the bathroom for that morning bladder draining.
When Saritha and I converse, topics bubble over, I froth at the mouth with opinions. Of course, they are random, overflow like mispoured champagne, and don't follow a course. Any word or phrase from her can conjure up miles of uncharted territory in my cerebellar hemisphere. The only other people that have the ability to dig up forgotten thoughts are Lilly (a.k.a. Mulan) and Ben. Somehow talking with them gives me diarrhea of the mouth--spastic tetany of the tongue. But when I go to use this as blog entry or even in other relevant conversations, my mouth becomes paralyzed. I can't form a thought or opinion. I know what I want to say, but can't seem to verbalize it. So on first meeting, people think me conventional, conservative, and basically boring. A second meeting, one of more comfort will open doors to other parts of my psyche.
I wish there were some sort of potion that could tap this vast wasteland of knowledge that I have. What seems to baffle me is the knowledge that is stored. I can remember all the lines from "Friends" even information about their lives given in conversation, but I can't remember important knowledge--where the DMV is located or even the name of the mayor of my hometown. Is that pathetic? I guess the fact that Rachel's middle name is Karen and that one of her sister's wants to decorate her father's new condo with wicker is worth storing among my many gyri and sulci. Go figure!
To end this entry, which started cause I couldn't remember what I intended to write...I guess I'll just end it, otherwise I'll just be publishing nothing.


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