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Friday, June 04, 2004

What A Feeling

Today was my Godchild Anthony's birthday party. He had it at this place called My Gym in Owing Mills, Maryland. Very cool place for a child to have a birthday party. And they played cool games, well games that looked cool. It's not about the Hokey Pokey anymore. I don't think kids today even know what putting a right arm in means. The place was an indoor jungle gym. They could do anything from climbing the wall to swinging across the room James Bond style.

The two girls running the place were on some sort of amphetamine and hallucinagenic. They had so much energy. Not only did they have energy, but they were young and barbie doll like. I know none of the father's there were bored. The chicks bounced up and down with the children, danced with them to remakes of modern songs (Skater Boy by Avril redone by a crew from Sesame Street) and showed their washboard bellys when the stretched to catch a falling child. Entertaining for everyone involved.

Later on, the party moved to my cousins house. As the night progressed, I realized that we have become our parents. The oldest child in the house was six. He was extremely uncomfortable watching his mother have a go at the Karioke--I can remember being slightly embarassed at my father's musical talents (he can play the piano, sax, violin all by ear). What I thought was lame as a teenager, became fun: having my go at the microphone (the song picked for me was "What A Feeling" from Flashdance). Out of tune and a little lightheaded, I still had fun belting out the song at the top of my lungs. Simon, Paula and Randy would be in I.C.U. now had they heard me.

Just like our parents, the mothers all settled on one side of the house and the fathers on another. Us single people strayed back and forth, not sure where we belonged. Had some tequila been available, I would have sung more tunes on the mike and would not have cared which side of the room I belonged.

But to answer Mondeep's question about the goodie bag. It was cool--the girls got wallet sets with mirrors, a comb and ring (all in glowing purples and pinks), Ring Pops and Shrek Fruit drops. The boys got harmonicas, yoyos and Shrek Fruit drops. It was a real goodie bag.

The other thing that made me think that we were becoming our parents was a comment made by my cousin Irene (the hostess). She said to one of her friends in reference to me, "he just graduated medical school, but doesn't act like a doctor yet. He's so fun. You'll love him". I can remember an aunt saying the same thing about my father when I was about six or seven and was starting to understand the adult conversation.


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