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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A Book By It's Cover

I'm listening to the AIDA soundtrack (yeah, yeah, I know). Anyway, one of the compositions on it, "My Stongest Suit" reveals the insecurities of one of the characters. She uses fashion to hide behind her perceived misgivings. Quite a song.

I must say, I have judged many a book by its cover. The books I check out first are the ones that most notably displayed, on the shelves with the most interesting set-up or decor. This has served me well so far. I haven't yet read a book with a cool cover that I didn't like. I also read books recommended to me by people who I have judged as well read. While other people who suggest summer reading to me have been ignored because I didn't find their personalities the slightest bit interesting. This is one of my more superficial idiosyncracies.It is of my many dysfunctional aspects, which you will soon discover while reading my blog.

The worst is, my judge of character based upon presentation. I told my Kaplan review roommate (the Step Two course) that I had already picked out who I was going to talk to in our class based upon the way they looked on our first day of class (yes, I've got a little bit of a John Hughes teenage movie character in me). I didn't really pick my study buddies that way, but I did assess who would probably be interesting based on their flair for fashion. It was those people were approached first, although by the end of the course, I had become friends with almost everyone. My roommate had just laughed it off and thought it was "funny". Thank God he didn't perceive me as a snobby shallow person. In the end I found that beyond the GQ Magazine exterior, all of the people I had met were far more interesting than their wardrobe. Because they had all studied in school abroad, they were also well rounded and cultured. I'm also glad that most people don't judge me by my wardrobe. My favorite attire is my worn-out overalls. They are comfy and in a way suit my personality. I've always believed that comfort is key. And if you are comfortable with yourself it completely shows in your exterior presentation.


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