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Monday, June 07, 2004

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I made it back from my trip to Baltimore. Travelling with children is easy, as long as you keep them fully entertained. On my roadtrip with my newphew Xavier, he was quiet as long as Bob the Builder was on the DVD. But not the full episode, he just wanted the theme song to continually play. It became so repetitive and almost hypnotic that I felt like I was part of the experiments from A Clockwork Orange. But it kept him quiet, so I endured the torture.

Going to and coming from Baltimore, I rode with my cousins and two small children--Anthony (my Godson) and his sister Victoria. Victoria (two years old) and I have a little game going. I do my Mr. Thurston Howell (Gilligan's Island) accent for her and we play. She is completely fascinated by this accent. I sat with Victoria for the whole course of both trips. So this accent was in play for almost ten hours this weekend. At one point, the accent was so familiar that during my prayer for a safe trip, I closed the prayer using this accent. I'm sure God knew what I was doing. Plus He already knows my unstable, on-the-brink of insanity mentality. But this accent works during her fits of terror at being strapped down in a kiddie chair. These made for safety straight-jackets are just not kiddie friendly.

I realized that I don't much care for travel, not matter what the circumstances. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being in other cities, but I don't like the means of getting there. When I travelled to Rutherford, New Jersey a few months ago, I went by train. HATED IT! Almost fourteen hours on a train. This is not fun. What is worse is being shifted from seat to seat to accomodate whole families that travel by this Old West method. I opted for the train, cause I have a great fear of flying. I think the fear stems from the 9/11 incidents. Just when I had made plans to go back by train, my Kaplan roomie Omar reads to me the crash of Amtrack enroute from New Orleans to Chicago. This accident, on top of the fact that I didn't like being on this shaky, noisy, no permanent seat address, little Choo Choo that could, made me purchase a plane ticket ( a way to go. They have amazing prices. Plus they are user friendly). The plane ride wasn't as bad as I thought or had perceived it being. Since the ride was short, I didn't swallow the Tylenol PMs I'm accustomed to taking for plane rides.

One thing that scares me about airplanes is these are huge things! I mean really large vehicles. The wings are not flapping so how they get up in the air and stay there mystifies me (no, no engineering replies or explanations will do--it's beyond my scope of understanding). And when they are up there, how do they know where to go? It's not like there are signs that say "Yeager Airport, Charelston, West Virginia, next landing. Beging descent now). So the whole travel by plane is one huge enigma to me. Overall it's the best option though--the quickest and by Travelocity, convenient and affordable. Travelocity, my new friendly neighborhood travel agent!

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