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Friday, November 10, 2006

Too much diet soda

I'm sitting in a family restaurant with wi-fi to study. The library is closed in observance of Veteran's Day, so I had to find a place with wi-fi that was study friendly. I remembered coming in here once and seeing a bunch of students studying, so I opted to come in here today.

Usually I don't eat while I'm studying. Digestion makes me sleepy, but since I was going to be occupying one of their tables, I thought I should order more than just a coffee--like I have seen so many other students do. On a students budget, I can't really afford to splurge like this (since I plan on staying beyond breakfast and lunch--I know I'll be ordering twice). I've seen the other students milk the heck out of a refillable coffee or beverage. I just feel bad, so I ordered a fruit bowl for breakfast (four bucks for chopped fruit) and a diet soda. For lunch I'm sure I'll have the Cesar's salad (I've already pre-planned my order to keep both meals around 11 dollars). Anyway, I've been sipping on the soda while sifting thru my notes. I guess it's sub-conscious, I don't know, but I have noticed that when I have to read thru a paragraph twice, I pick up the cup and sip.

This has caused me to use the bathroom more than I'm use to. So far--the bathroom visits have numbered 4 (and that's in the last two hours). I've filled my large cup only once. Come to think of it, the guy behind the counter automatically assummed I wanted a large when all I said was I wanted a drink. Which brings me to another point--I've noticed that I always get a large drink in a restaurant with refillable beverages. I don't know why--or why the option is even offerred. It's refillable, why have more than one size?

Anyway, I'm hoping the last visit was it for ahwile. I've tossed my cup so as to not stress-reach for it again. And I've thrown away the uneaten portion of my salad so as to not stress-eat. This is why I like the library--no beverages or food permited on the premises. I don't have to pee or deal with unwanted calories.


  • You know Angel, Jr., you're rather funny when you procrastinate post. :) My hubby calls large sodas "bathroom size". Guess he's onto something with that.

    When you're next in the mood to procrastinate, be sure to swing by and join my 11-11 Eve bash. :)

    By Blogger Sar, at 2:22 PM  

  • It could be worse, you could be a big gum chewer. Then you'd have a migraine by afternoon.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at 2:34 PM  

  • I'm always confused by restaurants that offer unlimited drinks and the people that drink them. Would one normally at dinner drink 4 or 5 diet pepsi's or cokes or way, it's ridiculous. However, at free refill restaurants a lot of people do drink crazy amounts. I don't get it.

    By Blogger Miss Ash, at 11:21 PM  

  • angel that was a great post man.

    at least ull be back in the library in no time :}

    and angel my friends and i were those poeple that milked my coffee refills....hahah (el cheapo)

    after hitting a show or a club we would go to a diner and just order coffee...and smoke...we didnt have all that much money but we made sure to at least order a coffee..

    there would be special nights where we could put our money togethoer...and buy a breafast feast...hahahah

    ahhhh...when i was young...:}

    By Blogger Cari, at 7:56 PM  

  • libraries make me have to poop

    By Blogger Badoozie, at 12:20 AM  

  • I have wondered that myself...why get a large drink if there are refills?????

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 7:23 PM  

  • I hear ya, girl. Sometimes I just eat because it's in front of me! Ew! I think they call that "mindless eating." So true.

    Good luck with the studying!

    By Blogger Sandra Dee, at 10:32 PM  

  • I have noticed lately that I don't think I drink enough fluids during the day. Yesterday I drank one cup of coffe (that my daughter finished) and a iced tea ( no sugar and a glas off water. That's not much is it?

    By Blogger DayByDay4-2Day, at 3:48 PM  

  • angel... how are you dahling.. long time... i hope you're not studying more than you have to... by the sound of it, you seem to be working too hard...

    keep it to the minimum... ;) (probably a bad suggestion, but i care about people, and i don't want no one to burn out.. )

    By Blogger madame P, at 5:16 PM  

  • Cola doesn't do that to me but coffee is even worse than beer about just running through me.

    By Blogger :P fuzzbox, at 6:25 PM  

  • This is exactly why I can not eat or drink when I am trying to study or take care of bills or contemplate what insurance to get...or really do anything that takes concentration...anything I'd rather have needles stuck in my eyeballs than do...I try to do...then stuff my face.

    By Blogger Chick, at 6:49 PM  

  • Hope the library is open for you again, Angel !!
    I've gotta laugh at Susie's comment that libraries make her have to poop ... how weird, so do I (sorry, too much information !!)
    Anyway, hope your studying goes well.
    Take care, Meow

    By Blogger Meow, at 6:55 PM  

  • I believe it's the caffiene. If I drink water steadily every day, I have to make the usual amount of trips to the bathroom. If I drink something such as coffee, tea or a Coke, then I might as well move my desk into the bathroom to be productive at work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 PM  

  • what you need is a large bottle of water and some healthy food to snack on - carrots and cucumbers are best. In any case, it's all better than smoking. And I think you subconsciously process what you are studying whilst you walk to and from the bathroom, so don't worry about that. Regular breaks keep you fresh. And I also think that keeping your glucose levels high while you work makes it easier for your brain to take up all the extra energy it needs. Hope the studying is going well. It's all worth it...

    By Blogger Vegas, at 9:09 PM  

  • This is why I don't study.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:09 PM  

  • I LOVEd going to IHOP at 2 am, making fun of the club trash coming in and studying.

    The most surprising thing from your post was the different sizes on the drinks at a restaurant. That makes absolutely no sense, and I've never heard of it. Are they all teh same price?

    Miss ash, you would not believe how many drinks someone will drink just because it's "free". Those are some of the worst customers ever, and usually not very good tippers.

    By Blogger slopmaster, at 1:57 AM  

  • i like diet coke.

    sometimes i'll eat at mcdonalds, order a burger and have a diet coke, for some reason that cracks me up.

    i've been busy studying too, doing an ecg course, i've been dreaming of q waves t inversions, studying makes me tired, especially after lunch.


    By Blogger mollymcmommy, at 9:54 PM  

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