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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

100 Years

One of my favorite songs is "100 Years" by Five for Fighting.

I remember when it was on the charts and Ryan Seacrest read a letter from a fan who said that the song reminded him that those horrible moments are just that--moments. This fan had said that the lyrics basically saved his life, that he had contemplated taking his own life.

It reminded me that I've had hundreds of those moments, but they had passed. I know that while in the moment it feels like an eternity, but they eventually passed. And of course, due to my very tangent winding mind, I started to think that many of these moments passed more quickly because I was lucky enough to have friends and loved ones to see me through them. And I've always believed that if God takes you to it, He'll get you thru it. I've held sternly to that belief. So far, I've gotten thru the major bumps.

Whenever I hear a story about suicide, I wonder about the despair that person must have felt. Why they didn't feel they had anyone to turn to and whether or not a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, a hug to dissipate feeling of isolation. I know how much a hug means, a kind voice or even just a smile. It makes me sad to think that anyone has to go thru life feeling alone.

Just my thoughts tonight. I didn't mean to be so dark tonight.

Here's to the friends and loved ones in our lives. The people who have helped to keep us going.


  • I think of that same thing from time to time.
    I wonder if the times I have listened to a few people that seemed so low and down, if I helped them see that life is worth it...(I just wonder if I have ever made a difference).

    Have a great week Angel!

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 10:43 PM  

  • Suicide is too bad, it does solve their problems, just not in the most constructive way.

    I think we have all said it in our minds, but few ever really mean it.

    By Blogger Rocketstar, at 10:59 PM  

  • It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and the people left behind are the ones who also suffer.

    By Blogger Mr. Shife, at 11:48 PM  

  • We never should've left the family/clan/tribe structure that sustained humanity for hundreds of thousands of years.

    Why?! Why did we have to have the neolithic revolution?!

    By Blogger Gyrobo, at 11:50 PM  

  • Great post about moments...we've all had 'em...that's all it takes...good or a give someone a smile or a hug...or's always our choice...thanks for making me think about it.

    By Blogger Chick, at 12:27 AM  

  • The next time I have a beer in hand, I'll toast to exactly that.

    By Blogger blackcrag, at 4:33 AM  

  • I lost my first love to suicide and never understood it. Then one day I woke up and found myself in this dark place, I understand now, but thank goodness for a bit of inner strength. It was a learning experience.

    By Blogger Leigh, at 5:40 AM  

  • I listened to a great message on this last night at Church. (Well, on the "darkness" of your blog, not Five for Fighting.) ;) If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll let you know where you can listen to it on the web.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 7:31 AM  

  • That's beautiful but it also made me think if I have driven anyone to - maybe not suicide - but despair or sadness. That makes me sad :-(

    By Blogger missy, at 8:39 AM  

  • What a great post - I think life is made up of moments shared with others to make the journey better -it's terible to think that someone could commit sucide - but having been so very depressed I understand better why it happens.

    By Blogger Princess Extraordinaire, at 9:54 AM  

  • ill toast this with blackcrag and everyone else.

    By Blogger brookem, at 10:53 AM  

  • I cringe when I hear about someone commiting suicide. I literally feel pain inside me. About 9 months ago, my friend from highschool wrote to me and told me that one of my classmates from middle school and highschool had commited suicide in her home and that her young son found her. I never really talked to her or got along with her that well, but I would never wish something like that on someone and felt this depression hit me for that child and her family and friends. How is that kid going to grow up without vividly remebering something like that? Whenever I feel as though someone is feeling like that I can't help but not call them or get someone to talk to them b/c I couldn't live with myself wondering if I could have done something to help them. They leave people with guilt and a sense of emptyness, even if they do not know them.

    If all that song never was written, someone might have not had the courage to stop themselves from making a foolish attempt on their lives. So here is to the writers and the musicians that change so many peoples lives.

    By Blogger Drywall Mom, at 10:57 AM  

  • my friend told me their family friend's daughter just committed suicide at 14 yrs old!

    just makes me wonder what could be so bad in her young life to make her take her own life. she seemed to come from a good stable family.

    By Blogger Trixie, at 11:30 AM  

  • People should take more time to be a little nicer to one another.

    I heard a few months back that a Guy I worked with had committed suicide, it really shook me up, because I used to quite often go on break with him and he was just so laid back, I couldn't figure out what had changed in the two years I have been away.

    By Blogger Pixie, at 11:53 AM  

  • good post. I know I could never do that b/c I would hate to leave my mom and sister wondering why and stuff.

    By Blogger Nutz On A Roll, at 1:20 PM  

  • i love that song too.

    you made me teary reading your post.


    By Blogger mollymcmo, at 9:40 PM  

  • Nice thought. I have had friends that have committed suicide. I wish they could have spoken of it. But if a person really wants to go then they would never talk about it. It is just nature. Sad but true.

    By Blogger :P fuzzbox, at 10:26 PM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:52 AM  

  • Word.

    By Blogger Walter, at 10:33 AM  

  • Actually its a good thing to remind us that no matter how bad things get, life is still precious, and its always good to remember that if we take the ULTIMATE ride, we will leave those who remain an ULTIMATE price to pay.

    Suicide is the most selfish act of all of them. It leaves an indelible mark on those who care about us. I have seen it up close and personal, and I NEVER want to be the one to cause the pain and suffering of those who remain.

    NOTHING lasts forever, and that includes emotional pain. There is ALWAYS relief. Sometimes its a spiritual thing. I used to be A VERY depressed individual, and had to go through MANY bad years to come out the other side.

    All we are ever doing is to FIND PURPOSE. I have found mine, and the best I can say to anyone is to FIND YOURS.

    NO ONE can do this alone, and is a fool to think that they can. EVERYONE is who they are BECAUSE OF and DUE TO the help and charity of friends, Mentors and people they meet along the way, and for some of us a Power that is GREATER than ourselves.

    I am not a sum of MY OWN parts, but the totality of others and something greater I cannot understand coupled with my own gifts and abilities.

    My purpose and the reason why I suffered through my own pain? To help the next person who is suffering the same as I was. Its both gratifying and fulfilling, and is much more that the pursuit of my own selfish ends!

    By Blogger twolf1920, at 1:01 PM  

  • I wouldn't have survived corn country if it wasn't for those wacky phone conversations. Thanks!!! "Reach out and touch someone..."

    By Anonymous Babette, at 5:05 PM  

  • I'm sure you have a great support system. When you become a doctor and have lots of dough, you will have even more friends!

    (can I get a loan?)

    By Blogger Big Ben, at 10:10 PM  

  • Great commentary and is too bad not everyone has the clarity and context that you demonstrate.

    By Blogger BionicBuddha, at 5:14 PM  

  • I think that when someone takes their own life, they don't realize how it is going to effect the ones left behind. When I was in my teens we had a neighbor, who had four young sons, who took her life. She put her head in the oven and turned on the gas. Her family was devastated, and it effected each and everyone one in her family. I felt so bad for her husband and children.....I wonder if she had anyone she could have talked to. Suicide doesn't make anything any better, it actually makes things worse.

    We need to remember that we are all children of God and he loves us. You are right when you say they are just moments....Thanks for the post.

    By Blogger Lucy Stern, at 10:42 PM  

  • A really thought provoking post. Thanks for putting it out there hon.


    By Blogger Claire, at 6:26 PM  

  • 3rd eye blind did a song about suicide and the road rules kids used it for a PSA.

    Hope you had a nice easter

    By Blogger Phats, at 12:30 AM  

  • I guess some people either have no one to turn to, or they keep it locked up inside.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at 12:48 PM  

  • Good post angel. Something's going around apparently, making everyone post more thought-provoking stuff lately.

    By Blogger The Duck, at 2:37 PM  

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