Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, May 13, 2004


Last night I went to a chatroom, just to chat. I didn't want anything else but idle chat or ramble. Isn't that what these rooms are created for anyway? To chat?

I was in for a surprise. Not five minutes after I entered the room, I was IM'ed by several people asking for A/S/L--age, sex, location. Following my response to that, they then asked for vital stats (height, weight, color of hair, eyes and skin). Once I answered those obligatory questions, I was then asked would I be willing to travel for a rendevouz or to meet. And then some even asked "how discreet could I be because they were married". I didn't even get to chat. I was too busy being grilled with twenty questions.

I just wanted to chat and get some ideas for this blog. You know something to write about...the way the world thinks today or what people do for fun. I was thinking about writing about "Chatrooms"--the new way of meeting people. But it really isn't a new way. I just realized it's the same as being in a bar or party. The same questions get asked, the same sort of rejection takes place and the same sleaziness is still around. Some of these people have no shame--maybe it's because being in a chatroom offers some anonymity. You can't see who is rejecting you, you will never have to look them in the eye and no one else knows you are being rejected. It still stings though to be rejected for being a 5'4" Asian man. Yikes, high school prom date dilemma memory brought back in full thrust! By the way, my first prom date ended up being a little taller than me. Since I couldn't find a date till one week before prom started, I was stuck with a powder blue ruffled tuxedo--very Fez on "That 70's Show". Not a pretty picture. It's hidden very well in the attic.

Every type of room is a pick-up joint. Even the Christian belief rooms have some sort of flirting going on. "I just read in the bible that we are to be fruitful and multiply. What do you feel about reproduction?". When said in that manner, what nice girl from Kansas could refuse. It isn't your ordinary pick-up line. There are some rooms aptly named Romance rooms--and even these are broken down to categories like age, location, divorced, single, couples, lesbian, gay, and single parents. There are rooms that are created to give a bar/club type atmosphere, although I don't understand how that would work. I stumbled into one and one chick kept saying "I'm so drunk! I'm so drunk!". I have no idea what she was trying to achieve.It worked as a sorority girl mating call in college, but on a computer screen? I looked at her profile, but that gave me no information. Then there are the freaky rooms like "S&M". Very kinky. It does make me wonder how acrobatic these people really are. How are they able to type and pleasure themselves at the same time? From what I could read was going on, a lot of people were pleasuring themselves in that room.

The other thing that amazes me are the chatters who are willing to invite you into their homes via web-cam. A new world of voyeurism. Most people just open their web cams to anyone who wants to take a peek. First of all, if I were sitting at home in my boxer shorts on some night of the week, I would not want the public to view this. Not only do I look like an oompa-loompa, but I just don't think the masses would find this in anyway appealing. Some of the web-cam invites are teasers. I clicked onto one--I think her name was Jenny--out of sheer curiosity. She appeared for about five minutes than a screen came up asking for my visa-card number to continue viewing Jenny. No thanks. How do I explain to the visa people why my bill was charged by Jenny?

I might stumble into those chatrooms again. But I won't be in my boxer shorts. I won't be offering to meet someone on some random exit, Howard-Johnsons, or state rest stop. I'll be in there for the sole purpose of the room--to chat!


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