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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Harry's Cocktail Party

Last night I went to see Harry Connick, Jr in concert. Yes this famous lounge singing Louisianna native husband of Jill Goodacre father of three paid a visit to Charleston, West Virginia. One of my good friends talked me into going and I'm glad that she did.
I first saw Harry Connick, Jr in concert in New York back in the 90's. Another friend had also talked me into going. In fact if I remember correctly, we told her parents that the concert was not in New York City itself, but a little outside of the city.
Anyway, I enjoyed the concert, despite the music. Don't get me wrong, Harry is a definite genius on the piano. He has a way of making those old songs that are familiar to me only because of road trips with my parents sound groovy. But on top of that, he is a real entertainer. He danced, shared stories and invited everyone to rush the stage. So it really wasn't like being at a concert,but in his living room.
I think the reason his concert was so entertaining was the fact that he was extremely personable. I felt like he was "talking and sharing" with me. Thanks Harry for a great time!


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