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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

That Seinfeld Episode

I saw the Seinfeld episode where the topic was masturbation--the group had a bet going to see who could go the longest without pleasuring themselves. I remember when the episode first aired and my friend Simi said her mother was so offended that she swore off Seinfeld forever. Seeing the show tonight reminded me off all the talks that my friends and I had about touching ourselves.

No one really came right out and openly talked about it. But everyone made references to the deed. The words "the deed" were used for anything from fornication with a partner, oral deeds,to lubing up ones palms and doing the friction slide. But we usually knew what one was talking about. One reference my buddy used after watching the strip scene in "True Lies" was "I feel a few ounces lighter". I had noticed he was taking a longer than normal pee break. And why on earth was he doing this while J.L.Curtis was dancing? His explanation was enough. No details necessary.

Not only did we talk about it, but one friend's girlfriend had said, she would never bother to clean the bathroom again. She said there were some very hard to get out spots. I wonder if Mr.Clean makes a detergent for something so sticky. Does draino unclog those sinks?

No more thoughts in my head. Gotta clean it out now.


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