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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kitchen Cleanliness

Yesterday my buddies and I ate in this sushi restaurant, a much smaller restaurant and not so crowded. We had liked the fact that it was run by an elderly Japanese couple and that not too many people knew about it. It is not as crowded as the other more popular sushi bars.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed that the sushi dude was using his bare hands to roll the rolls. I mean I would hear him washing them between rolls, but still. Something about people touching my food with their bare hands (unless it's my nephew grabbing food off my plate) makes me somewhat paranoid. I know that this country doesn't have as many parasites or microbiology problems as the USMLE or practice exams would make us think we have, but still. Come on a plastic pair of gloves (disposable please) would make a customer like me, feel better about eating raw fish.

And then they forgot two orders of California roll and Tempura roll. So the wife walked over to the sushi husband and started yelling in front of his working area. I know that when they emphasize and intonate, it seems like some spittle may come out. I was again freaked because one of the Tempura rolls was suppose to be mine. I kept thinking, just like toddler blowing out their birthday candles, don't eat the cake side facing the child or try not to eat any cake at all. All I could think about was "did some spittle get on my sushi". Not very appetizing.

But the restaurant itself is so comfortable. And the staff is sooo friendly--even if it does only consist of granpa sushi roller and grandma waitress/hot dinner cook. I'll go back again. But this only order the hotcooked food.

Oh by the way, one of the chicks eating with us said she heard it was good etiquette to eat the sushi rolls with your hands. She said it was considered weird to eat it with utensils---she likened it to eating french fries with a fork. Does anybody know?

My Father celebrates his birthday on March 21st! Happy birthday DAD!


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