Shaken Not Stirred

Sunday, February 27, 2005


I was thinking about the things I've done in the past, which weren't very nice or very helpful to me or others. I just realized that those things are done, I can apologize and move on. It's the best thing to do--to try and erase those pasts won't help, they're done. To act like they didn't happen is just another form of repressing them, so they'll just appear all over again, during a moment of emotional weakness or sometime when my guard is down. So I've decided to just deal with what I've done, apologize to the people I've hurt and then move on. It's the only way to deal with the regrets.

I came to this conclusion while talking to a religious mentor of mine. He's helping me with some religious issues and doing a good job of it. I'm more focused on being a better Christian and acutally enjoying my walk/journey with God. On the radio show Delilah (yes I know, complete cheese--100% cheese), she quoted something that someone had either sent her or said to her--it was "You can't do anything to make God love you less and you can't do anything to make Him love you more". Such a truthful saying.

I'm now looking at my mistakes as just that, mistakes. And I'm learning from them, making myself stronger because of them. In the end I think I'll have become a better person having made and learned from them.


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