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Sunday, March 13, 2005

License To Chew

You know, since I've been working out, it's given me justification to eat. And not just eat, but EAT. I think I've consumed more food this past week than I have ever. Even when all I was doing was jogging for the last few weeks, I didn't eat this much. But when I joined Jazzercise, I started eating more. But I've made a vow to stop the insanity (remember Susan Powder--the chick who would shout about the insane eating habits of people--and she had bleach blonde crew-cut). I'm going to start eating healthier and much much less than I have been.
Take today for instance, after church I called my buddy and asked him to lunch. After tossing around some ideas, we decided on this Grand Buffet place out in South Ridge. This buffet is just a huge feeding trough! I'm really serious, it's just a feeding mill, but instead of pigs gathering round the feed, it's humans. And then you think you are getting a bargain, but you just end up with heartburn. I ate, or should I say gorged on that food. Two hours later, while doing leg-lifts and crunches, I kept burping. Thank God no one was close enough to smell that aroma! Serves me right. Now, I just feel a little nauseous and my tummy hurts. That's the lesson. No eating junk while trying to get into shape!
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my niece Gail Estalilla (who celebrated her birthday yesterday). I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Eric Brandsma, a former Kaplan classmate of mine, who also celebrated a birthday yesterday. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.
If I am, just email me, I'll include you in the next entry.


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