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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

My cousin Sue Salutillo somehow talked me into joining aerobics. I didn't want to join because I'm not co-ordinated, can't dance and was afraid I would look stupid in front of the other involved people. All three still hold true and I've already been to three classes. But I am getting better at predicting the routine and also following the steps. What I didn't realize was that the instructors were showing us a routine and then repeating it throughout the song. I just thought everything was a hop around, jump around lift your knees and shimmy for the millionth time type of exercise.

On my first day, I stayed in the middle row--hoping to get lost in a sea of other aerobicizers (is that even a real word?), and for a good view of Jule (the instructor here at Jazzercise in Charleston) and not miss her steps. I didn't get lost in a sea of people (people keep a good distance apart, so you still stand out. And I realized that some of the people behind me, might be following my half-assed attempt to keep up with each new step or leg lift. So on the second day, I stayed in the back. This way no one would follow my mis-understood interpretation of the routine. You know what I realized while I was back there? I did follow the person in front of me, who also didn't know what they were doing. So for everyone who followed my steps on Sunday, I'm sorry for leading you the wrong way!!!

Now, yesterday, was a different form of aerobics (yes there are different types). Yesterday was CQ (cardio something or circuit training, something like that. I'll get verification and then let you know what it was). Anyway, weights were incorporated into the routine. Me, wanting to be more masculine, took the heaviest weights they had--the 8 pounds. Thinking, these are light, I incorporated them into the routine. Now my whole arm hurts, almost still trembling from the work-out.

My body is screaming "what the 'f" did you do to me". It's not only talking, it's speaking in four different languages. And I'm going back today for more. It's not only dancing and leg lifts anymore. It's actually fun!

Happy Birthday to my cousins Perry Lee and Sue Salutillo, who'll celebrate their birthdays on March 11th. Happy birthday to a fellow Kaplan Review doctor, Eric Brandsma, who'll celebrate his birthday on March 12th.

I'm sure that I'll write again before those dates, just wanted to make sure you were Happied, in case I didn't!!


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