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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Nothing Comes For Free

Yesterday, I craved something salty and crunchy, so I bought a bag of Doritos (the Nacho Cheesier flavor--really good). Anyway, on the bag it had a little advertisement, "One Free Music Download Inside This Bag". So I was getting my hunger needs fullfilled, it wasn't so much hunger needs as craving needs, and I would get another song to add to my iPod.
It was the most tedious task I had performed. In order to get this song, you had to download WalMarts music thinggamajig (which I'll be erasing from my computerNOW!). First of all it took so long to download. I don't know whether that was Walmart's fault or my cable company's. Then after you downloaded it, you had to jump through certain hoops and this and that. Needless to say, I got tired of jumping hoops (one of which asked some personal questions in order to be able to tax the purchases correctly. If they were free, why were they taxable. Makes no sense to me). I didn't get my free song, I've got this download on my computer which I'm in the process of now removing. However, I did get to eat the Doritos and a white chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Egg. Really tasty.
I think I'm just going to purchase my music through iPod's iTunes. I'll continue to buy the Doritos, but I'm tossing that little "code" that gets you the free music.


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