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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Careless Negligence

I watched this movie "Open Waters" this weekend. It was a movie that I really wasn't interested in seeing, but since my cousin Bill rented it, I opted to see it. The movie, a low-budget one, was based on a story about two people who were left behind on a diving expedition.
The story is based on Tom and Eileen Lonergan--how a diving boat they were on left them behind. I can't understand how two people can accidently be left behind. There has to be better ways to check and double check. I read an article about the incident and it said that some of the defenses arguments were that it may have been a "suicide" that caused the two to have been left behind. Even if that were somehow remotely the reason, wouldn't the company still have searched for the bodies? Knowing that there were still two people out there, and then assuming that they were lost, then leaving? The argument has too many loopholes. I believe that the company should have been charged with manslaughter. After all, it was due to their negligence that the couple ultimately died.
Too many times, people have lost their lives to negligence--drunk driving, hunting accidents, train wrecks, plane wrecks etc. We have to be more careful. I think we have to be more mindful of the other people crossing out paths, or involved in our lives somehow.
And after seeing this movie, I definitely have decided that I'm not going diving--ever!
The director and actors did a good job! The movie was really good!


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