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Monday, March 21, 2005

Who Set The Norms

Yesterday, I watched "What About Bob", a movie that came highly recommended by one of my friends. I think it is probably one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I laughed some much that I think a little pee came out, and my stomach still hurts today from the experience.

In the movie, the main character Bob said something which made me think. To explain why he was manifesting some of the symptoms of diseases he definitely didn't have, he said "If you act like you have it, then you really don't". It's an interesting concept. Growing up, I've always heard that bullies really didn't have the confidence that they pretended to have. The reason they were bullies was because of a lack thereof. So does this mean, that since we try to act within the norm, that we really aren't normal?

Think about it, some people have to make certain efforts to stay within the realms of society's acceptable norms. We have to consciously make the effort to say the right things, to keep a certain demeanor and to even think a certain way. I know that on days when I want to scream out "bloody hell", I have to hold it in, so that I don't look like the crazy person. When I am talking to one of my male friends, I have to hold back certain emotions or not seem too emotional in order to be perceived as a "normal" male. When I'm speaking to my female friends, I have to act like the stronger one, so that they have the shoulder to lean on. It's all part of acting out the "norm".

So who set these norms? What if we are acting out the "norms" cause we really don't have the "norms"? Are the crazy people then the true reality of what a human being is suppose to act like?

Happy Birthday to my Dad! He celebrates today!!!!


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