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Monday, April 04, 2005

A Vacation From What

Last week I travelled to Florida with my family. My parents, my brother's family and my sister's family all decided that Easter should be spent somewhere warm and sunny. So it was decided that we would escape some of the winter blues by hanging out in Florida.

A few years ago, my parents bought a vacation home (eventually to become their retirement home) in Ellonton, Florida. So that was where we were going. Other families and cousins bought homes down in the same area as well. My father always jokes that his Saint Barnabas training commarades were all in the area and that it's medical internship all over again.

My parents and brother flew down. My sister's family, being a little more adventurous decided to drive down. I decided I would go down with them, see the country side and take my time. The trip down was awesome. We stopped in Savannah, Georgia to see the WVU game (which they won!!!!!).

The ride back was horrifying. It seemed at that point that some evacuation signal was put up and all of the tourist in Florida were trying to leave all at once. The traffic was unbearable and contributed to the normally 13 hour trip becoming 20. Horrific! Plus my nephew and niece became restless and were extremely agitated by the fact that they were strapped in. Then when we got into West Virginia, there was a snowstorm, so crawling at a pace of 10 miles an hour, we made it home at 4 a.m. instead of 9 p.m.

I've come to realize that vacations just contribute to the stress that one was feeling before taking it. I think that most people fool themselves into thinking that going someplace else would eradicate the humdrum of their everyday lives. In the end it's the same crap, just in a different locale.

Happy Birthday to my friend Lesley Cameron!!!


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