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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's 2007

I haven't made the mistake yet of writing 2006 rather than 2007 on anything. It can't be because my brain is any sharper, it must be because I acknowledge the change. Usually I make the mistake of writing the previous year on checks, in notebooks or other places that require dating, but this year none so far. Maybe it's because I got a lot of closure for 2006 and it was time to move on.

So my cousin's wedding went off without any hitches. The food was gosh-awful!! I mean really gosh-awful. I about puked. And it was pretty expensive (over a hundred dollars per head). The only thing that I enjoyed was the finger-food served during the cocktail hour. Those were yummy, or maybe I was so hungry because the wedding ceremony was Catholic and therefore hours long.

I think I enjoyed watching the children interact during the reception more than anything else. It was fun to see four-year-olds in tuxedos and little girls in minature evening gowns. It was an evening wedding, so black tie was the theme--otherwise I have no explanation why these children looked so elegant. I was particularly touched when I saw my brother slow-dancing with his two year old daughter. Because her hair was up and she looked like a little lady all primped and coiffed, I could almost imagine her as a young adult. She kept giggling throughout the dance. It made me somewhat wonder when I would be starting my family. And then my sister's four year-old slid into my chair like he was sliding into home base. I wondered how he didn't tear his suit. It made me reconsider getting snipped in all the right places.

Why do weddings have that affect on me? I usually don't care about my biological clock--which for men ticks for a longer period of time!!!


  • Weddings are the sappy-est (in a good way)...but you have to get sappy at a wedding...if you don''s a sure sign of heartlessness.

    By Blogger Chick, at 12:22 AM  

  • Kids at weddings are sometimes incredibly adorable.

    At my brother-in-laws outdoor summer wedding one of the tiny flower girls decided to take off her princess dress and streak the ceremony. :)

    By Blogger Spider Girl, at 12:36 AM  

  • Boys will be boys, and girls will be little women. This is the basic difference between the male and the female, and the root cause of most of our problems with the other gender; we expect them to be like us(men:boys as boys, girls as girls, women:boys as miniature men, girls as little women) when they aren't.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:50 AM  

  • I hit my male biological clock with a sledghammer. :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:12 PM  

  • biological clock? you pansy. As long as it comes up you're fine.

    By Blogger slopmaster, at 1:12 PM  

  • Wow that sucks, not only a catholic wedding but gosh awful food, sorry!

    I was filling out something today and just realized I wrote 06 thanks for the tip off :)

    By Blogger Phats, at 2:01 PM  

  • Hello angel,
    This is ajay. I graduated from gullas college of medicine. I am in my second year of residency in cincinnati ohio. My email is
    Drop me line sometime.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:20 AM  

  • is ajay a girl?

    don't base your want for kids off what you see..remember, if they are your own it is much different. other peoples kids can be a real turnoff from the whole kids thing

    By Blogger Badoozie, at 11:06 AM  

  • I remember a wedding in which I bawled and bawled the whole way through.
    But I don't know why, exactly. Being married wasn't big on my list, so it sort of came out of nowhere.
    'Cus that's just what happens at weddings!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:14 PM  

  • What is it with you medical students and not dating? LOL I have a friend I totally wish I could hook you up with. HA! No, really, I do.

    By Blogger Emily, at 3:37 PM  

  • I have been hitting snooze on my biological clock for years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:07 PM  

  • Never really thought of guys having a biological clock ... an interesting concept !!
    Kids can be amazing little critters ...
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Take care, Meow

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:41 AM  

  • I refuse to accept your claim that guys have biological clocks. All we've got is the pendulum.

    By Anonymous whatigotsofar, at 2:52 PM  

  • tell us more about the food! what was it???

    By Blogger LBseahag, at 6:51 PM  

  • Is it your biological clock? Or are you like me, I love kids, from a distance!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:03 PM  

  • Is it your biological clock? Or are you like me, I love kids, from a distance!
    Didn't mean for that to be anonymous- I'm a loser.

    By Anonymous jacquie, at 11:05 PM  

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