Shaken Not Stirred

Saturday, January 11, 2014

In A Weary World

I am sure that by now many have heard through the news or at least some grapevine that Charleston, West Virginia is in a state of emergency due to a chemical leak into our water supplies. While this has been taxing on the patience of many people, in some it brought out the goodness and the desire to share. I was standing in a grocery line waiting to buy dry shampoo (yes, while I should have been buying bottled water, I was purchasing dry shampoo. I was wondering why the line was taking so long because the groceries of the customer had already been bagged. It turned out her debit/credit card was being declined. She seemed surprised and perplexed. The gentleman in front of me handed the cashier the total amount and said "I've been there" and didn't say anything more. It is moments like this that restore my faith in humanity. The kindness of a stranger so to speak. One of my friends once said that many times, we are kinder to strangers than we are to our own colleagues, friends and even our loved ones. The take home message, kindness has an effect on everyone around you. You just don't realize it.


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