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Sunday, January 06, 2013

What Are Uncles Made Of

First of all, happy New Year. I trust everyone had a good Christmas and then rang in the New Year with resolutions to better one self. I of course have not broken any of my resolutions thus far (patting myself on the back). I was helping my nephew with something the other day. And my frustration with the task suddenly became apparent when my six year old newphew said, "you sound like a parent". Hmmm, biologically I have not yet breeded. I am barren, so technically have never been a parent. So it was funny to me to hear him say this. I took offense to this statement, like I sudddenly was no longer cool. I am not sure why it hurt my feelings. I backed off the disciplinary tone. When I looked at my nephew, he was continuing to do the task we had at hand. Looking back on the incident, I think he may have just said it matter-of-factly, without mal intent. What are uncles suppose to sound like? And what do parents sound like?


  • I would be offended a little too.... but for not good reason. I always remember my uncles and aunts having that tone.....but I think it was just because I knew they had authority over me. That is not a bad thing, for a kid to look at you as though you have authority. With that being said, when you don't have kids (I am in the same boat as you on currently not having kids) it feels weird. I don't even like it when my cousin's kids call me "Aunt" - they are just being respectful but it feels weird! I know for me, I thought my parents (and still do) sounded knowledgeable, stern but caring, and I knew to trust them because of that. Maybe instead of feeling hurt, this will make you feel like it instead was a compliment.

    By Blogger SquirmY, at 7:18 PM  

  • Just taking a sort-of educated guess since I have been a Dad for almost 4 years, I think he was just reacting matter-of-factly. Boys are awesome but they also love to express their independence and want to do it their way. You are a good uncle, Angel. No worries.

    By Blogger Mr. Shife, at 10:27 PM  

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