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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Can You Count?

Maybe today was an off day for me. I had a particularly stressful day at work. So this probably didn't help. But working out certainly did things for my stress levels. After working out, I headed to Kroger for a few items and as I had less than 10 items got into the 15 or less item line. The lady in front of my was holding one thing. The customer in front of her had a cart. The cart had enough groceries for a week. I was a little annoyed. Why does a grocery store put up a sign that says "15 items or less" if they aren't going to enforce this. I can understand letting 16 items fly under the radar. I can even understand 20. But are you kidding me with an entire grocery cart full of things--both top cart and the shelf underneath. The clerk looked uncomfortably back and the customer in front of me and smiled. I don't normally let little things get to me, but when I got up to the clerk I asked "why do you have a line for 15 items or less if you aren't going to enforce it"? It would just be better not to have it at all.


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