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Monday, May 17, 2004

The Right Moves

Recently one of my really good friends asked if it was alright for a girl to make the first move. She was wondering whether or not it would make her a Hoe to ask a certain guy out. My answer to her was to go for it.

She tossed and turned about this for several days or maybe it was hours. And then she took the advice of another friend and sent a text message. The ending was happy so far... he is interested in going for a cup of coffee. Well at least he said yes to her offer to meet at a cafe.

Nothing in todays etiquette says that a girl has to have a certain demeanor. We've certainly come a long way Virginia Slims (remember that cigarette ad?). I would hate to think that a person's goal in life is learn how to make finger foods and cross their legs properly. According to "Mona Lisa Smiles", this was the livlihood of the elite 50's woman. I watched this flick yesterday. Although it is a definite cheesy chick flick, it was rather entertaining to think that women were once molded this way. The movie had some cheese, but grilled cheese on sour dough with tomato soup, so it wasn't that much of waste. Still it competes with the Skinemax late at night flicks.

There really isn't a right or wrong in a first move situation. Just a "could have been". And you really don't want any of those.


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