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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I Don't Understand

Recently, some children at a Russian school were taken hostage by terrorist who threatened to kill many hostages as revenge for their own who died. I don't know why an "eye for an eye" strategy would pacify any hurt or anger felt by those scorned. It is almost a childlike attitude to take. You did this, so I get to do it back. What have these terrorist come to?

Anyway for today, just say a short prayer for the children who are innocently being tortured for selfish reasons. None of which will get the terrorist anywhere, except for feelings of more loathing. They gain nothing by doing this and have everything to lose.

In other news, a Christian fraternity is not being recognized by a university. The Christian university is not being recognized because it will "discriminate" against potential members. I don't know how this is any different from the social strata of most fraternities and sororities. I have never been in one before, but from my understanding, active members can pick and choose among potential candidates during a period called Rush. And most of them will pick and choose those members most like them, most likely to uphold the standards and the goals that the organization has for itself. So how does the goal of Christian fraternity differ? I mean after all they would pick and choose those members of the Rush crowd that most emulated their goals. Funny how religion is such an tender issue with so many.


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