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Friday, August 20, 2004

Wish Upon A Star

I was watching the Olympics last night--and I really wanted Patterson to win the gold! It was time for the Americans to bring home another gold medal. Although I loved Mary Lou Retton--she's from my homestate, we needed to bring home that medal. It's been way too long.
Did the Svellana chick get on anyone else's nerves? "I love being called a diva"! What? It wasn't meant to be a compliment like when they say Aretha Franklin--Diva. It's that annoying constipated look you have on your face before an event. Although she can hold her own, something about the way she did her moves looked funny or not right. Maybe it was because she was so skinny, almost cachetic.
Anyway, a little deviation there. While I was watching, I kept secretly hoping that the other players would mess up. I don't think that is right since this is the games of goodwill and uniting all the athletes of the world. I wasn't hoping for anyone to fall or get seriously injured. Although when the one little oriental girl took to the balance beam, the one who had had better scores than Patterson, I was like "please mess up". Not a good thing right? I should punish myself for such mean thoughts. Anyway, she did mess up on her dismount. She slipped and fell. I felt so bad for having wanted her to mess up so that Patterson could take the lead.
So congrats to Patterson for the gold! You did it on your merits, your own talents and your own determination and hard work! Congrats!


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