Shaken Not Stirred

Saturday, August 21, 2004

What's in a Name?

Recently, my friend Saritha explained to me that the title of my blog had some sort of meaning. She said that "shaken not stirred" represented what she saw in my personality. She said that she saw with all the confusion and frustration that surrounded my life, I was able to sit my ass down to study. I think I studied in order to escape all the confusion and frustration. It's easier to forget when you are thinking about something else.
Saritha said that she saw that despite being shaken, I was not stirred. Not my intentions for the title. It was in reference to my favorite drink the martini. And my favorite drink the martini, became my drink by accident. I thought the drink sophisticated because James Bond drank them. So when I ordered my first drink, I ordered a martini (not liking the taste at first, but becoming accustomed to it as time went by--much like I think people who like caviar fall into a "taste"). Anyway, I think I like the reference that Saritha made. I guess in a way she was right. I was able to shut the world out and study. I don't know how effective it all was. I guess we'll see in six weeks when I get my results. And I remained steadfast to my study schedule.
So this I will take as my new philosophy--I am shaken by all the circumstances that surround me, but I will not be stirred from my goals.
One more thing--as many martinis as I've had, I can't tell the difference between a shaken and stirred drink. Although theoretically I know it has something to do with the layering of the two different liquors that make up the drink.
Have a good day!


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