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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Oprah Show

On the Oprah Show today the topic was transgender minded children. There was a five year old boy who had said he wanted his penis to fall off. Another 11 year old girl had started to live her life as a boy. The five year old boy was kept in a room in the back, while his parents discussed their anguish concerning their child's "abnormality". The 11 year-old girl, spoke openly with Oprah about how she felt living life as a male.

Oprah has a such a way of bringing issues into a realm, without being judgemental, without making them seem so left of center. The questions she asks are respectful and well thought out. They allow her guests to talk about their issues, without feeling like side-circus freak shows. The children on her show today spoke about something which I'm sure plague many children. Who else to be speak honestly and openly about emotions then honest children, who don't know how to "bend" the truth. They only know the truth.

The anguish that the 11 year-old girl showed as she explained how she felt was agonizing. It made me realize that life is fragile, but with the right environment can be made strong. It can be handled, even with all its turns and hurdles, if a person is given certain balances to remain steady. This child was given lots of support by her loving parents, the most critical stabilizing factor for a good future. They have taught her tolerance. In return, she'll also be tolerant.

It helped me to realize that I do want to work in the pediatric field, either as a psychiatrist or pediatrician. Who better to ensure a productive future than a healthy child? So I've decided to dedicate my life as a future physician to the children of America. For the last year, I've begun to define myself as a future physician. And hopefully I will be able to give to my patients, something they will definitely give to me--a sense of self.


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