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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Thank God for a Weekday?

Well the weekend has been over for two days now. One of the big things I was relieved about was the regular crew of Fox and Friends. Now why can't the weekend crew be just as entertaining without crossing that line? I mean Steve, Edie and Brian have a sense of humor, aren't uptight or detached from the world, but they don't embarass themselves by imitating the "accents" of their guests. Okay, enough, I don't want to think about it anymore. I just won't watch Fox and Friends on the weekend and will rely on Headline News to get me thru my treadmill stint.

Only two more days till I take my exam--well actually three, if you count the actual day of the exam. I'm extrememly nervous and irritable, tired and all the stuff that comes with anxiety. If there were a way to get pass all this I would. I think my buddy Omar was right--you will never really ever feel ready. And in retrospect, my having post-poned it for a month was good, at least for my self-confidence. I'm not sure if I crammed any more material into my head, then was already there. Saint (Ki-Ki) told me that I already knew it all, it was just a question of pulling on the right strings to make the answer come out. Anyway, we'll see.

On one hand I will be glad that it's over. On the other hand there will be six weeks of anxiety in waiting for the results.


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