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Monday, August 23, 2004

Feels Like Today

While on the treadmill and tired of the news, I flipped to CMT and to my surprise saw Rascal Flatts new video "Feels Like Today". How awesome! This is my favorite all-time band EVER! Anyway, I'll be checking in with CMT more regularly to hopefully catch it again. Their next album is suppose to come out in September (I think Sept 28, 2004). Amazaon has it for around 18 dollars, pre-order. I'm going to check one of the record stores to see if they've got a pre-order special!

Okay enough about my favorite band, which I have overplayed. They were the first two albums that I downloaded into my iPod and they get a lot of playtime when I attempt to jog and got some play while I used my father's bike for the first time today. I'm definitely no real biker!

On some sadder news, I can't believe that the two young Christian missionaries were slayed in California. What is this world coming to? Lets say a short prayer for them!

Until another thought pops into my head!


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