Shaken Not Stirred

Friday, September 03, 2004


Who said, or where did I read that Americans don't have culture? I can't remember the circumstance or the article, news story or event. But I do remember the comment that Americans don't have "real" culture.
Oh, but we do. I remember in sixth grade having to learn to square dance. We were graded on it. I remember thinking, I could fail the sixth grade cause I don't know how to doe-si-doe (spell check?). It's a part of small town living. I'm not sure if it's still required of West Virginia sixth graders, but I can still dance that little jig.
I remember having to learn certain songs also--God Bless America, the Star Spangled Banner, and even Home on the Range during elementary school.
We also have Thanksgiving. Everywhere across the U.S., families are gathered together and remember the first winter that Americans spent in this great nation. A turkey is stuffed, baked and then carved among friends and family. This is another part of our culture. Show most people across the world a pilgram and an Indian sitting down to a table and they will associate it with the United States.
Baseball and football are other aspects of our culture.
We have our Fourth of July celebrations, Disneyworld, the Statue of Liberty. We have museums and great landmarks. This place is steeped in culture.
I say most Americans should do what my friend Mondeep did and travel the U.S. territories before thinking of traveling abroad! See what we've got here.
We do have our own traditions and culture. Plus if you think about it, we're a fairly new nation. So we still have some time to create traditions and culture.


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