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Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm Charlie Brown

My cousin Theodore is home from serving in the army in Iraq. I'm so relieved and so happy. He's back with his family in Baltimore now and I'm going to visit him this weekend. His only complaint is that some of his friends are still there serving--that they were left behind.

I did this fun little quiz like personality assessment and according to this quiz, my personality matches that of the cartoon character Charlie Brown. My friend Saritha is also Charlie Brown--a notch down from Dexter. I love the cartoon Dexter--even bought the fun glasses that he wears (they were destroyed by my 2 year old nephew Xavier, but I had fun while they were in tact). It's funny how these personality quizzes make me laugh. I open these forwards, only to think I'm wasting time and then I have fun taking them.

This quiz is one of those things that my friend Saritha and I talk about. In fact, she called me on her way to work, to discuss it. Sometimes I wish I could record the conversation between Saritha and I. Our conversations are about everything, but nothing in particular. Really fun. We talk about being on a radio/television talkshow. We'd be great hosts! Another goal, after the USMLE to work towards.

God Bless the troops in Iraq! May He bring you all home safely. I want to say Happy Birthday to Lillian Co--my friend MULAN! She'll celebrate on the 21st. Also my friend Dr. Robert Michael Dennis Fajatin, who'll also celebrate this weekend! Happy Birthday guys!


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