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Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day

Why does a Hallmark holiday like this cause such grief?
One of my friends called earlier today and we had a normal conversation.
About two hours later my friend called again. Her opening line was "I just realized it was Valentines Day". This caused some distress in a normally sane and extremely strong person. She is a well-rounded, well-travelled intelligent physician. But somewhere between our last conversation and the newer one, she became distraught at the realization that it was Valentine's Day, a celebration for that special someone.
While I was treadmill earlier this morning, there was a flash of some people who were showing their disapproval for Valentine's Day celebration by having a card-burning. I'm not sure why they would do this--I think we have far more important things to denounce or to picket against. It's a simple celebration. It doesn't really leave anyone out. Anyone can be your Valentine, just anyone that you care about.
Anyway, I would like to say Happy Valentines Day to everyone--everyone who is in love (you certainly know that you don't need Valentines to show it), everyone who is alone (know that there is a soul out there who you will find someday), and everyone who is in between! It's just another day--tomorrow you won't even remember that you stressed over today.


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