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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A tartar sauce sandwich

Hello, I just got back from my trip to Baltimore to visit my cousin's husband. On the way up, my cousins and I decided to stop at a roadside McDonald's to grab something to eat (easy enough to eat while maneuvering a car for Sue). And being good Catholic girls and boys, we opted for the fish filet combo meal. I hadn't had one in so long that I couldn't wait to bite into mine. But alas, as I bit into it and exclaiming that the filet must be really small, further examination showed that I didn't even have a filet in mine. It just had tarter sauce and cheese. I know that they are under pressure to serve it fast enough that by the time you pull up to the window your order is ready--but they had an extra four minutes or so because they asked us to pull up and they would bring the order to us as soon as it was ready. Oh well, I really didn't need the extra calories anyway. But thumbs down to the workers who didn't check to make sure that the sandwiches had everything they needed. Since we were already a few exits away by the time I realized what was going on, it really wasn't worth turning back.
I did have an excellent meal however. Irene brought us to this amazing Thai restaurant in Towson called "Thai One On". They had the most amazing Phad Thai (sp?) I've ever had. We use to get some at this place in Pittsburgh (can't remember the name), but none of us live close enough anymore. But not only was the dish excellent, but the service was great too. The waitress was extremely friendly and she had smile that lit up the room.. Thumbs up to the restaurant.
I'd like to shout out Happy Birthday to a doctor that I did a surgical rotation with--Dr. Kristia Akiatan! Happy Birthday chick!


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