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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Happily Ever After

I've been working on a novel since about 1990. It's a book about the friendship between several guys who met in college and so on and so forth, not so dramatic, sappy or not too "Spike" t.v. either. And little by little I add different things and situation as I either imagine them to happen or as an idea sprouts in my head (usually happens as I get ready to study).

When I first started writing it, the characters were in undergrad as I was and then I just kept adding more depth to the characters as I gained or experienced some event. By the time I graduated, I had basically written these character's undergrad years and the first few years post-grad. And I continually add to it as days go by.

Along the way, I started to write other novels too--some I know I'm not going to finish and some that I can't finish, because the start doesn't have an ending that is possible or believable. So they are hanging out on a floppy disk in my room, the characters suspended in time.

I still want to write a screenplay, and that hasn't been started yet because I need to pass the USMLE!!! Then I can start that (with the help of one of my friends--who is also studying, so we can't brainstorm just yet).

I guess endings come when new beginnings start. I'm going to wait for a new beginning in order to put an ending to that very first novel I started.


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