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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the more profiled news stories is the moving of the Mona Lisa to a newly refurbished part of the museum. Today on Fox and Friends, one of the anchors, I think it was Brian (the dude with the brown hair) said that he just didn't get the whole fascination with her smile. He said that he stared at it and just wondered if the whole fascination was because of peer pressure.
I thought about it too, I know that because of it's fame, I'm familiar with the painting. But I'm thinking about it now, I don't think that her smile is all that. In fact it's not really a smile, so much as a smirk. It certainly couldn't be used to advertise Crest Whitening Strips (which do work by the way. I'm proof of that--it took years off my teeth and wiped away most of the grime left behind by cigarettes and coffee). And I just don't feel like she is really smiling.

You know who I do think has a beautiful smile--Julia Roberts. Not only her smile, but the laugh that goes with it. Someone should do a painting of her and hang it in a museum. Now that is a smile.

Now for something weird. I discussed this with my friend before I wrote about it. She laughed so I figured it might not be as offensive as I thought. While working out yesterday, I noticed that the instructor was sweating/wet in an odd place. I thought to myself, why is that body orifice sweating, or even wet. To make matters worse, she was wearing black, so the wet spot was intensified--almost calling out to everyone in the room. I wonder if anyone else notices things like this, or is it just me.

Okay, in case I don't have a topic to write about, I want to say Happy Birthday to my niece Isabella Cinco. She'll turn one on Saturday. I wish I knew how to publish pictures on this thing so you could see how cute she is! Happy birthday sweetie!


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