Shaken Not Stirred

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wind blown hair, birthmarks, and diet excretions

I should have been studying, but on one of my meal breaks, I watched a little bit of Mariah Carey's E "True Hollywood Stories". Is it me, or does it always seem like she's got a fan blowing her hair around? It just seems like it's constantly being pushed back away from her face, like she's a swimming mermaid. Just an observation of mine. Plus I think on the cover of her new album, her hair seems hurricane swept too. By the way, I do like her new music.
Speaking of hair, I tried one of those "just for men" shampoo-in dyes. Let's face it, this gray in my hair was unbecoming. I don't know how it got there. It must have been all the stress from being in Champaign-Urbana and all the unhealthy habits I picked up there (i.e. Chili-Cheese Fritoes and Mountain Dew for many dinners). So anyway, I followed the directions, put this stuff in my hair and then five minutes later washed it out. The directions specified not to guess that it's been in there for five minutes, but to actually time it. Being the slight rebel that I was, I left it in for six (hehe--no one tells me what to do. You have to fool me into thinking it was my idea, and then I'll do it). Anyway, after washing it out with my own shampoo (like the directions said--preferably a colorsafe shampoo), I dried myself off and found a slightly tan outline around my hairline--a little bit more outline around my side-burns, almost like a birthmark). Great, how long will this take to go away. I tried using an astringent to make it go away. It did help make it lighter in appearance. But I can tell it's there. It's almost dirty looking, like I haven't washed my face in quite awhile.
Lastly, in my ever quest to get myself back to pre-Champaign-Urbana self, I've gone on a diet. I've started walking in the morning. I tried the jogging thing, but Florida is so hot. I've even done some Tae-Bo in the afternoon. And in keeping with the whole health thing, I've decided to do the Slim-fast diet. A shake for breakfast and then one for dinner. I modified that--instead of a healthy dinner, I have the healthy lunch. Now, in the three days that I've been on this liquid diet, I've noticed that I've been going to the bathroom more. There must be a lot of fiber or something in those shakes. Oh well, as long as it doesn't remain inside me forever (like the seven years for swallowed gum). I can live with going to the bathroom.
Okay, that's enough for now. I'm sure you guys didn't need to read the last paragraph. But I wanted to let the world know that if they were calling my phone, the reason that I didn't always answer it right away.


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