Shaken Not Stirred

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I think once you are use to a certain type of food, or the way it's prepared, your taste buds become accustomed to it. And everything else ends up paled in comparision.
Recently I ate at a Thai food restaurant that served the most awful Phad Thai I've ever tasted. I could have stirred up this dish in my own kitchen. The sauce tasted like ketchup mixed with pepper, salt and other unrecognizable spices. I almost vomited eating it. And for the fried squid appetizer--it was a frozen version of calamari, only reheated in the microwave. I'm not going to say where I got this less than delectable dish, but let's just say, I'm not eating there ever again. The waitress kindly wrapped up my untouched meal and I threw it out in the parking lot dumpster.
I guess I'm just use to eating at great Thai restaurants. My cousin Irene Salutillo Matigga made sure of that. While we were roommates thru my pre-med years, we feasted at several choice restaurants (after going thru her rigourous approval). I'm telling you, she should have been a food critic, not a nurse. So anything that I've eated since pales in comparison. One of our favorite restaurants is "Thai One On" in Baltimore (I think Germantown is the aactual location). There was another really good place in Pittsburgh, almost down a dark alley. But Irene scrutinizes these places and then brings me there. I'm spoiled to fine dining in that aspect.
I'm not sure where this entry is going, or even how to end it. I guess I just wanted to vent about the bad undigestable food I got. But I'm not going to slander any restaurants, cause everyone else in the place, except my study buddy and I, seemed to be enjoying their ketchup and spices.


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