Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Do you think it's rude to shush people during a movie or a television show.
I was watching "House, M.D." the other night at my aunts. I was obviously not receptive to conversation from anyone--the clue being that my eyes were glued to the screen. Why did some people take it upon themselves to ask me questions? The first was, "what is going on?". To which I quickly replied, "I don't know. The show lets us know what is really going on at the end". A follow up question was, "What disease does that person have". To which I quickly replied with some strain in my voice--the kind of strain which most astute people can hear as, "I'm trying to be polite by not telling you to shut-up". I told them that I was listening to the dialogue because they often discuss lab results and differentials and that if I heard enough clues, I might be able to pick up which malady the actor had. Following that strained conversation, I was then asked, "what is going on?", for the second time. To which I said, "I'm watching".
Why don't people get it? When you are watching something, it isn't the time to have a conversation? Or am I an old fuddy dud? I love conversation like the next person. You can ask my twin, Saritha. I was born to speak. I think that is why the cell phone with free minutes was invented, because of people like me.
Anyway, that's what has been weighing on my mind. That and the fact that my father is updating his iPod to the 60GB with the capability of storing pictures. His other iPod wasn't even filled yet. My sister adopted his 20GB and quickly erased everything it once had and is in the process of filling it again. But I don't understand why he wants to carry around something like that--music and pics. I mean really, how much room does Frank Sinatra need?


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