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Sunday, June 05, 2005

No Real Opinion

I haven't read the news in so long, nor watched television. My opinions now concern the physiology, neurology, and biochemistry which I study on a nightly basis.
I do check in on the "news" with yahoo. I think my friend Saritha and I have discussed the realness of news and how distorted it may be. After all isn't mostly based on a reporter's view of a story?
For instance, the whole Paula Abdul controversy. When I had watched the story, it seemed completely one-sided. She was never interviewed and the only people that could confer the accuser's story was his parents and his friends. No other witnesses came to testify. Just seemed a little shady to me. But my friends were all jumping to the accuser's defense saying he had all the proof he needed. In the end it all blows over because something else more interesting comes up---the Tom Cruise and Katie Holms relationship.
To get back to my point, who's opinion really counts in the end? I've always been told not to worry about what other people may think. That it's only yourself and God that you have to worry about. And yeah, I've realized that it's only His opinion that will matter in the end.


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