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Friday, June 24, 2005

Dear Diary

One of the reasons I first started this was to have an on-line journal that my friends could read. Since I basically keep in touch with everyone that I ever meet, it's sometimes difficult to write all of them personal letters. I don't believe in the mass productions that some of my friends write--unless it's those holiday family write-ups (those are always fun cause they let me know that Johnny Jr. is now walking and Muffy now has two teeth). I believe in a personal touch, letting my friends know what is on my mind. I think once I saw other people's blogs--which I have access to being a member of blogspot, I thought, wow these people are making other people think, with their witty J.D. Salinger-like entries. And to follow suit, I tried to write about relevant subjects--which became rather mentally exhausting.
If you read one of the comments made by Mondeep who has a great blog, she said just think of it as an on-line journal that I'll be able to look back on. She's right, I can keep my thoughts, stimulating or boring in a place where I can look back on it. And then I can decide whether I've gone in a positive direction or need to steer myself back on the beaten path.
It's back to the real meaning of "blogging". Which I think really is just a fancy word for journal. I think--don't quote me on that.


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