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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Free Your Mind

I've recently been struggling to find something to write about, my excuse being that I don't have contact with the world outside my study buddies and that I don't have a television. So much to say about what drives my mind to form opinions. Talking to Saritha, I realized that #1 television news should not formulate my opinion and #2 a blog is about what is basically on your mind. It's regurgitation of what is actually on your mind. It took one of my best friends to help me realize that I do have more to talk about than just boring food--which was a worthy topic because it was on my mind at the time.
Right now my mind is constantly racing around diagnosis and etiologies of disease. For most of the day, I'm reminding my cortex to store certain formulas for recalling this information which plagues most medical students. My review professor is helping me to file this information in the most convenient and relatively easy way to understand compartments in my head.
I know that I am capable of storing stores of information. For example, I know that my memory is a vast wasteland of knowledge. It can recall almost every episode of "Friends", including dialogue, guest stars and show synopsis. I'm learning to do this with my basic sciences information. So I've added to my vast-wasteland, knowledge of biochemistry, microbiology and physiology. So along with Jennifer Aniston's punch lines, I also know the rate-limiting-enzymes of the glycolosis cyle and the 7 urease positive bugs or the 7 diseases associated with rashes on the palms and soles. It's been incorporated into my vast-wasteland.


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