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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feathers All Riled Up

I think I wrote about this last year during a Wimbledom match or maybe even the U.S. Open matches--the fact that watching tennis can get me all pumped up.
Last night, I hopped on the treadmill and watched the Davenport-Demetieva match. Demetieva rocked the court. I was at first voting for Davenport, but quickly changed my vote to Demetieva when she showed her skill and her absolute determination and intent on winning. She didn't give up any points without a fight. She clearly has a new fan!!!!
During the match, I was yelling at the television like they could hear me. Not something I would like to be witnessed by anyone. It was quite ugly. I think I blew a gasket and a vocal cord. It was very unsportman-like. Just the other day during Sharapova's match, I was disgusted by the way her father was yelling at her from the sidelines. And here I was yelling from far-far away from the sidelines. I had a running conversation with myself concerning balls missed and shots that could have been taken. Thank God that most of the energy was diverted towards the treadmill.
Anyway, today is my friend Pam Kunjara's birthday! So happy birthday Pam!!!


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