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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chatroom Brawl

In boredom (don't I always start out this way when I'm about to justify an action that I deem either weird or abnormal), I went into a chatroom for religion and philosophy. The conversation started out well enough--a question on the existence of God and the role of belief in religion. It was going particularly well, with no one getting out of whack, in fact there wasn't any "brawl" at all.
Somehow the issue switched from the existence of religion to equality. I don't know how, or what tide brought our conversation to that topic, but we landed there. Somehow, one of the participants said everyone is entitled to equal healthcare and used the country Ethiopia as his springboard. He said that all the Ethiopians are entitled to the same healthcare as the rest of the world. And yes, everyone human being is entitled to same healthcare as the next. I just said that it was also up to the government and social welfare system of a particular country to provide those equal necessities. This opened up a can of "whoop ass". This person jumped on me from left field--and then said that I was closed to giving equality except for people in my religion. I was like, "do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars", you have no idea about the charities that I helped and the volunteering that I've done---most of which was not religiously motivated. He didn't understand my point, was provided that the healthcare was available in a country, it should be accessible by all. That was my point. He seemed to think I was saying, we shouldn't help them. Somehow I think a lot of it was his lack of a basic grasp of the English language--he was chatting from a different part of the world (and not from Ethiopia mind you).
He also went on to say, "spend your money on fashion, I (referring to himself) will spend mine helping others". What a martyr!!!
Anyway, it ended well with some people coming to my defense and helpng me to clarify my original point.
Boy, these chatrooms have become a hotbed for hotheads huh?


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